Chicken Soup offers a wide range of IT consulting services.

Computer is broken, need it fixed/tuned – Remote help right now

Your computer is not working, infected or otherwise not performing as it should be and you need it to be fixed now. This is the most common IT need. Chicken Soup can come to you or help you remotely. Most of the time help is immediate or within the same day. Call 0405 199 004 for immediate attention.

Regular Maintenance – An apple a day

Regular maintenance of your IT assets is key to keeping your yearly IT expenses down. Your computers should be thought of like a car. Needing regular attention to keep it performing well. Windows and Apple computer will bog down overtime with unnecessary files and programs. A slow computer can also be a symptom of an active virus. A regular “check up” is preventative medicine.  Consider Managed Services as a way forward to automate that maintenance.

If you already have a WordPress website then this too needs regular maintenance to keep it up to date and secure. Chicken Soup can tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your site to ensure its backed up and in tip top shape.

Cloud Consulting

More and more business activity is moving into the cloud.  It’s not the solution for everyone but for certain circumstances it’s perfect. If your staff are not centrally located in a traditional office then the rich and varied offerings of cloud based work tools can be a boon for your business.

Move your files, documents, email, contacts and calendar into the cloud and easily synchronise these across your computers and mobile devices.  Make your essential files always available to you and your workforce.

Do you own a traditional on-premises Windows server and wonder if the maintenance of it is worth the cost then a cloud solution may be what you are looking for. Cloud hosted email systems are now very affordable and provide you all the benefits of a on site server without the hassle of maintenance.

Chicken Soup have moved many businesses into the cloud with ease.

Security Audits- Mitigating Cyber Attacks

Call on Chicken Soup to audit your business. A full audit will take place and a report produced to highlight areas that require remediation. The Essential Eight is used as a baseline to assess where you are now and what you need to do to get to level 1, which is considered the absolute minimum standard of protection against a cyber threat.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Ransomware Protection

Ensure your business has its IT assets protected in case of emergency or hacking.  What would you do if your computers and all your business file and programs disappeared overnight or were held to ransom. Do you have procedures in place to get back up and running fast. Are you sure your backups are up to date, have they been tested? Do you have backups that are in the cloud or offsite?

Business Continuity Planning

A disaster strikes. Be it a virus, act of god, theft or a ransomware hacking. Can your business continue to operate. Have tested procedures in place to keep a business going no matter what happens to your IT. This should be something you have planned for, not reacted to.

Hardware and Software Research, Customisation & Procurement

Sourcing the right equipment or software can be difficult. Buying IT resources is somewhat like buying a car. There are lots of options and if you have existing equipment you want it to be a perfect fit to your business. Chicken Soup can determine your requirements and provide a quotation.

Document everything

Chicken Soup is methodical. We like keeping notes. Many businesses do not have a central register of all their IT infrastructure.  The myriad of username and passwords. Account details for your broadband. Warranty information for your computers. The list goes on.  Chicken Soup keeps and maintains a document of all your IT assets. So when you call for that password, or need that printer replaced the information is all at hand.